State of Play 2013!

Photo of Elaine talking at State of Play 2013

Elaine talking at State of Play 2013 with the slide in the background showing some of her favourite games – recognise them all?!?

Back in November, I took part in DIT’s annual State of Play – one of Ireland’s biggest indie games events, featuring talks and demonstrations from loads of developers. It was the first time I’d been to the event and I was really impressed. It was fantastic – there was an eclectic mix of great talks, a brilliant turnout and the whole thing was streamed live.

The two keynote speakers, David Johnston from Smudged Cat Games and Mark Morris from Introversion Software, were both really candid about their successes and failures. In a way, they represented two sides of the indie games financial spectrum. David’s reality check outlined how much better off he’d be financially if he was working for a big games studio. At the other extreme is Introversion’s awe-inspiring success with Prison Architect – their unfinished game that has now grossed $10m through paid alpha versions alone.

You can watch the talks in the video archive or listen to the coverage in one of Chronic Reload’s podcasts. Next year I’d love to see the event extended, with more time allowed for each speaker.