Dublin Comic Con 2016

As the Harley Quinn glitter dust settles post Comic Con, we at Simteractive are looking fondly back on a successful weekend of showcasing Eden Isle: Resort Paradise to some of the 19000 people who attended over the two days. The warm Game Dev room was buzzing with activity throughout both days with ample amounts of players sitting down to play and give their valuable feedback.


The view from The Convention Centre where Dublin Comic Con 2016 was held

The response to Eden Isle from players was excellent, with many wishing to continue playing by signing up for the ongoing Eden Isle Beta. For those who did not get the chance to play, you can sign up now at www.EdenIsleGame.com. As a developer, this feedback helps us greatly. It informs us about where the kinks are, things we can improve on, things that makes players stop playing. The more hands that the Eden Isle Beta lands into, the more information we can get. This helps us turn Eden Isle into something special.


The Eden Isle stand set up and ready to go

Back to Comic Con. The weekend’s players ran a full range of ages, including children as young as 4 years old. The game itself ran smoothly, with only a couple of bugs cropping up over the course of the weekend. Finding these bugs is another reason why we want Eden Isle to be played as much as possible before launch, and Dublin Comic Con 2016 gave us that opportunity. By the end of the weekend the build we had brought remained robust and fun, as evidenced by the number of players that stopped by and the length of many of their play sessions. We are thankful for all of your feedback as we go back to working hard to get Eden Isle out the door to a full release!


Even heroes themselves took time out to play Eden Isle

One of the things we took away from the weekend was the sheer volume of talent on display across the whole convention. Within 6 feet of us to the left was the amazing Gunman Taco Truck by Romero Games, a slick cross between Rogue-lites and endless runners with gorgeous pixel art topping it off. To our right was ShuggyBee showcasing their newly released Horsechesnut’s Conkers. A unique blend of match three mechanics with Angry Birds style slingshots that add precision based skills to the planning and thinking the match three genre is known for. Directly opposite us were Newlove Games showcasing Capitalist: Profit at any Cost; their take on competitive team-based multiplayer shooters, and mixing in a layer of strategy for good measure. Having this amount of talent within view was heart-warming and inspiring.


Sneaky photo bomb here

Moving on to Artist Alley we saw an extensive amount of talent and variety on show from both Irish artists and artists from the rest of the world. As well as those, the quality of cosplay around the convention was top notch. Harley Quinn was definitely a popular choice this year. We counted upwards of 70 different people dressed up as the DC Comics character.


The lobby area of Dublin Comic Con

I think we can all look back fondly at a great weekend at Dublin Comic Con and thank Pulse College for the hard work they put into something that turned out so well. They put on a hell of a show. We made some new friends, caught up with old ones, chatted away and laughed all day. Here’s to Dublin Comic Con 2017!

Kevin McGarry

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