Latest Eden Isle Update

We quietly released Eden Isle in Canada, Belgium and the Philippines a little while ago. As with most mobile games, we released it in a few countries first so we can make sure everything is working perfectly before we release the game worldwide in the coming months. If you are in one of the countries where the game has been released, you can download it for free from the app store.

The second update came out on Wednesday. It’s a very exciting one because, along with bug fixes, shorter loading times, better visibility of your resort’s star rating and happier guests, it has some great new features.

There’s a new activity, the Peach Blossom Spa, which is one of my favourite things in the whole game. Like the scuba diving and swimming with dolphins, it’s an activity that you can develop at a particular site in the resort.

The game now has an opening cutscene, telling you about how you came to be running the resort. These have become very common in simulation games to help set the story. I think it’s good to show players what the game is about and what kind of long-term goals they have. In Eden Isle it’s about getting to a five star resort, developing the island from the state it’s in when you take it over, with weeds, dusty buildings and the ruins of previous activities and developing it into something you can be proud of, something you’ve built yourself that has your personal stamp on it.

We’ve also added in new animations for all the guests, the staff and the Huggable Tree. A big part of Eden Isle is the guest types and the characters and the special animations we’ve added enhance their personalities and they’re great fun. Different guest types react differently to the Huggable Tree. Look out for the different signs the male treehuggers take out and the different things that Chloe, the receptionist, does when she’s not working.

Some players were contacting us asking about how to raise the happiness of guests so we’ve added more information about this. Each accommodation building needs access to a suitable bar, shop and restaurant. When you select a business, you can now see which accommodation buildings it’s suitable for by the green icons that appear over the accommodation buildings. You can also select an accommodation building and see which of the three businesses it has access to.

Quite a few people have requested the ability to invite friends from within the game so that’s what we’re working on for the next update. We also have a few more exciting activities to add to the game but we’ll keep them under wraps for now.

We’re really keen to get feedback on the game so if you have any suggestions on what improvements you would like to see or if you are experiencing any issues with the game, just drop an email to or you can message us through our Facebook page. There’s also the help and support page on the game’s website.

Happy resort building!


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