Dublin Comic Con 2017

Another year, another successful Dublin Comic Con, and this one was huge! Not only in the number of Spiderman and Wonder Woman cosplayers, but also for Eden Isle. It was the first time we showed it after worldwide release so people could get a taste of the game and then keep playing at home.


Our stand was subjectively the prettiest

Convention goers of all kinds approached our stand to try their hand at resort building: super heroes, princesses, ninja turtles, and even regular people. We got lots of love for the quirky characters, the beautiful style and addictive gameplay we’ve crafted. Some of them even played the game last year, and noticed all the improvements we made since last year.


Donatello really wanted to play, unfortunately iPads don’t support turtle hands yet.

Many people were really excited about the game, gave lots of great feedback on it, and told us the features they wanted us to add next, especially, tons of Android users who couldn’t wait to download the game for their devices. Don’t worry, we got the message loud and clear, an Android Release is in the pipeline.


Captain America is switching to a more relaxing role as Captain Eden Isle

We’re also running social media giveaway where players can win one of our gift boxes full of awesome Eden Isle swag and a €100 gem voucher (that’s a lot of gems!). Second and third price will get a goodie bag full of stickers, badges, postcards and €50/€25 gem vouchers. You can still take part, all you need to do is to follow Eden Isle on Twitter, Instagram, or like our page on Facebook, then post using #EdenIsleDCC on your social network of choice (before the end of the week). Keep tuned in on our social media profiles to know if you’re among the winners. We’ll contact them and post the prizes soon.


The winner of the first prize will get all of this!

Of course Dublin Comic Con wasn’t only about Eden Isle. Other than the expected cosplayers, action figures and autographers, we saw direwolves, ghost busters, and even a mountain, but most importantly, some of the other Irish games displayed on the games area. There were board games, like the successfully kickstarted Rampunctious and the currently on Kickstarter Dare to Dream; PC games, other mobile games and really impressive student projects.

As always, we would like to express our thanks to Dublin Comic Con, to Pulse College for the space they granted us and for their efforts to promote Irish game developers. Finally, a massive thank you to everyone who came by the stand to say hi, play the game, or just stare at the trailer for a few moments (you can watch it here), we make Eden Isle for you, and we hope you’re enjoying it as much as we did making it.

Carlo Azzari

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