Our Biggest Update Yet!

Eden_Isle_New_Update_1.3.0We’re excited to present a new version of Eden Isle, our biggest update yet! It’s packed with new features that will give you more things to do in your resort, and more ways to help your guests have the holiday of their lifetime!

This new update allows you to tap into the potential of every business and produce a wide selection of items. From falafel 🥙 to designer handbags 👜, keep the production line running to help fulfill your guests’ every whim. You can make drinks in bars, food in restaurants and all other kinds of products in shops. Each of your businesses has 3 different items they can make, and you can queue production for up to 4 items at the same time – an industrial revolution in resort management.


You can use the products made in businesses to run events in your activities! Make some yoga mats and wheatgrass juice to run a yoga class in your Treetop Retreat Centre, hold a summer party in your Water Park – just bring drinks🥂 and ice cream🍨. Your guests will love you for it, and you’ll be rewarded with coins and experience!


If you want to see this in action, you can watch this video we prepared, with some of the basics of production and events.

This update is also teeming with new décor items! There are many more options to make the resort even more unique. We’re especially enthusiastic about the new line of gem inspired décor items. Now you can place diamonds, rubies, pearls and many more in your resort. They will give that extra glimmer your guests will appreciate!

new gems shine bright

And that’s far from it, here are some of the other improvements we made to the game:

  • Easier navigation: You can now use arrows to swiftly move between buildings – really handy for keeping tabs on all your buildings.
  • New loading screens: Now you can start relaxing even before the game loads with these fabulous new designs.
  • New animations: Your resort will be livelier with the animations of water in the water slides, boxes of supplies parachuting to your businesses when they’re being restocked, bigger fanfare when opening buildings and many extra details you’ll notice while playing the game. Explore your resort to see all of them!
  • New special rewards: Certain goals will give you special decor items exclusive to them, so you can make your resort stand out even more.

Download the update now and start enjoying all these new features. Don’t miss out!


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