Beta Testing FAQ



I want to be a beta tester, what do I do?

We will soon be closing down our beta testing phase to prepare for launching the app store. If you hear the latest updates about when the game will be out in the app store, you can sign up to the newsletter on the game’s website.

What is Eden Isle: Resort Paradise?

The game Simteractive are developing is called Eden Isle: Resort Paradise. It’s a building/sim game where players get to build their dream vacation resort. It’s a casual, free-to-play mobile game. The game is currently in beta.

What stage is the game at?

Eden Isle: Resort Paradise is currently in closed beta. That means the game isn’t in the app store yet but is available for people to play through TestFlight. Most of the game functionality is in place but there are still bugs in the game and additional polish to be added. Having the game in closed beta means that players get to play the game early and we get help with finding the bugs we need to fix. We really appreciate all our beta testers, especially people who take the time to let us know about bugs and offer their feedback on the game.

What is TestFlight?

TestFlight is an app that allows people to access apps before they are in the app store. It is owned by Apple and it is free to install. Each time the game is updated you get an email with a link to download the new version.

I am interested in game development, is it possible to get game testing work experience?

If you want to apply for work experience as a game tester, please fill out this form. Note that we can only consider people who are available for a minimum of two weeks full-time.

Are you only available on iOS?

Right now, the game is only available on iOS i.e. iPhone and iPad. We are planning on releasing the game on Android too so if you have an Android device you can still sign up here to be a beta tester and we will be in touch when the Android version is available.

I signed up to be a beta tester but I haven’t heard anything yet, how come?

Right now the game is only available on iOS so we are only able to add people as testers if they have an iOS device. If you filled out the form saying you have an iOS device and you still haven’t heard from us, search for an email from “TestFlight”. It may have gone to your spam folder. If you cannot find an email from TestFlight, contact us at and we will re-send the invite.

How can I find out more about the game?

You can follow the game on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.