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What’s the main email contact address?

I can’t install the game

Check your email for an email from “TestFlight”. Follow the steps in the email (e.g. you might need to install the TestFlight app and then install the game). If you have followed the steps and you still can’t install or play the game, email and let them know the issue.

While playing the game, I have run into an issue and can’t continue playing it.

The first thing you can do is to close the app (double tap the home button and swipe the app upwards) and start it again. If it doesn’t, please let us know through this link.

I found a bug in the game, what do I do?

We would really appreciate it if you could let us know the details by filling out this form. We want to find and fix as many bugs as possible before we launch in the app store.

I have a suggestion on how to improve the game.

Great, we’re really keen to hear all suggestions for how to improve the game. You can let us know through this link. You can also email hello@simteractive. You can even fill out this anonymous survey on the game in general.

I can’t connect to Facebook, it says I need to be added as a tester.

Because the game is in beta, we need to manually add testers through Facebook. Just email your FacebookID to You can find your FacebookID by going to your Facebook profile page and looking at the browser address bar which will say[FacebookID]. The part that comes after “” is your FacebookID.

I don’t have any friends playing the game so how can I get more of the items needed to expand my resort?

You can always get your Facebook friends to sign up at You can also comment on the “Add Me” post on the Eden Isle Facebook page to connect with other beta testers.

How do I delete a path?

There are two ways you can delete a path: 1) You can tap on a path tile to remove path pieces one by one 2) You can use the grass path to remove lots of path quickly.

Can I move the camera while placing/deleting paths?

Yes, you can. When the path menu is open, simply place your finger on a building and drag it to move the camera.

What can I do if a guest is stuck near a building?

The quickest way to help your guest is to move the building and place it somewhere else temporarily. The guest should then find their way back to the nearest path. Once they are on the path, you can move your building back, or leave it as is because you’ve found a new balance to your resort’s Feng Shui.

My building has a red “No Entry” sign above it and I don’t know why.

This is because the building’s entrance tile is not connected to a path. Try moving and rotating the building until you can connect the building to a path and the red entrance tile disappears.

My buildings are connected to a path, but the entrance tile is still red.

This is something we are looking into. There are two things you can do in game to fix this short term: 1) Delete and place a path again, if that doesn’t work, 2) Create a new path that links a dead end to the resort entrance.

Can I turn notifications off for certain things?

Yes! In the settings menu, you can find a range of options to cater notifications to your needs. If you don’t want notifications about buildings being complete, you can turn those off and leave other notifications on.

The game keeps asking me if I am sure I want to spend gems. I am sure! How can I stop it asking me?

There is a slider in the settings menu that you can use to determine how often the game will ask you if you want to spend gems.

How do I access the settings menu?

You can access the settings button when the market is open (the market is the bar at the bottom of the screen with acccommodation, activities etc). The settings button is the yellow button in the bottom right corner with a gear icon.

Seashells keep appearing and disappearing around my resort. What are they?

These are seashell waves, they come and go from time to time. Tapping on them will give you a pleasant surprise!

My guests are always really unhappy – what can I do?

If your guests are really unhappy, it’s because their needs aren’t being fulfilled. Guests have five different needs – hunger, thirst, shopping, fun and rest. Make sure that your accommodation buildings are within the catchment area of a business of every type, at a price and quality level they enjoy. Also, keep an eye on the stock levels of your businesses and make sure your activities are well maintained.

I need to expand my resort, but I don’t know where to find resort expansion goods.

There are three ways to get Resort Expansion Goods: 1) Visit other resorts and receive them from chests, 2) You can get them from seashells during seashell waves (if you’re lucky), and 3) you can request, and receive them as gifts from friends.

How do I get a better resort score?

There are plenty of ways to increase it. Try upgrading your buildings, adding more décor, or building a variety of different activities.

My guests keep asking me to move a bar closer to them, but they are already in a bar’s catchment range.

This notification will happen if you have two or more unique bar types (i.e. a Juice Bar and a Woodland Wine Bar) that attract the same guest type, and that guest type has some accommodation outside the catchment area of one or more of those bars. You can either move the second bar closer, or adjust the quality and price to stop attracting guests of a certain type.

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